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 On December 15th Reel Feedback organized a Free Reel Review at Lanesplitters in Emeryville. It was a great night with a huge turnout. We gathered some of the top animators out there that have helped bringing characters and creatures to life in big blockbusters like Transformers, Iron Man, Twilight, The Matrix, Star Ship Troopers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hulk, Cloverfield, Enchanted, Drag Me To Hell and Star Wars and many more. These animators review demo reels on a weekly basis where they continuously look for new talent. It was a rare opportunity for one night only to get unique one-to-one feedback from animators that know exactly what studios are looking for. When we arrived at Lanesplitters it was already packed! The Review Board was excited and so were the students. With a few slices of excellent pizza and some beverages we started the review sessions. The Review Board watched the reels on laptops in order to give each student individual attention. Four and half hours straight and 150 reels later we wrapped it up. What a night!

 Animation Supervisor Jim Brown and Lead Animator Pete Kelly reviewing animation reels.
Lanesplitter’s was packed!


We had students come from all over the Bay Area from schools like the Academy of Art, Expression College, CCA, Animation Mentor, iAnimate, UC Berkeley and The Art Institute and several more. Some students even drove up from LA! One of the great aspects of this night was the fact there were so many industry pros. Students were able to meet other animators from studios like Pixar and Dreamworks. As a student it’s important to go out there and meet animators in the industry. Start making contacts. What was great about this event was the students didn’t even need to bring a reel. If you were working on a scene you could bring it and we reviewed several pieces from students that had just started out. Based on their goals we were able to lay out a strategy to help them reach it.

Mr. Phil Tippett was there and shared his experience with the students!
Senior Animator Miko Coedel (Left) in a review session.
Animation Supervisors Jim Brown, Tom Gibbons and Lead Animator Hans Brekke give advice and feedback.
Lead Animator Hans Brekke(Right) answering questions.
Animation Supervisor Tom Gibbons(Left) in a review session.
Jim Brown, Animation Supervisor(Right) – talking to students.



The Review Board consisted of:
Tom Gibbons, Animation Supervisor – Tippett Studio
Jim Brown, Animation Supervisor – Tippett Studio
Miko Coedel, Senior Animator – ILM
Erik Kling, Animation Supervisor – LucasFilm Animation
Pete Kelly, Lead Animator – ILM
Hans Brekke, Lead Animator – Tippett Studio

We would like to thank everyone who came out to the event. It was great to meet you guys.

The Reel Feedback Team